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About Kayanyaenak
About Kayanyaenak
About Kayanyaenak

This is us

Hi, welcome to Kayanyaenak. This blog is owned and founded by Dimas Bachri. An Indonesian who are passionate about culinary journey.
Kayanyaenak is established as our culinary diary since we love to share our food experiences with people around the world. If you are wondering, Kayanyaenak is Indonesian word refers to “seems tasty” phrase when we see foods.

About Kayanyaenak

Let’s make friends!

About Kayanyaenak

Dimas Bachri

Hello friends! I’m Dimas, I’m excited about meeting new people and making friends and that’s why I love traveling too! I graduated as a bachelor of science management but passionate about foods and people. I love learning, doing something new and I enjoy sharing my culinary experiences to people via the social media, which is Kayanyaenak.

Hope you guys enjoy your culinary journey with Kayanyaenak!


22nd June 2016


Our first debut

We started by the name TownFoodz. We made a debut on Instagram & Facebook and at first we just focused on that platforms by taking food photos and re-posted others’ photos.

9th July 2016


Changed to Kayanyaenak

As the time passed by, we had a discussion about changing our name. We decided to take off TownFoodz since we thought that name didn’t sound catchy and was quite hard to pronounce. We came by an idea to make it as Kayanyaenak since we often used that phrase in our daily life, it refers to “seems tasty” when we see tasty foods.

9th July 2016


December 2016


Expanded to Youtube and Website

Beside took food photos, we even tried to make some videos about our culinary journey. So, we decided to make a Youtube channel by the name Kayanyaenak Story as the media to share our videos.

We also thought that we have to share our culinary journey way wider than Instagram captions. So, we agreed to make this website to tell you about our culinary journey in a story version to make you also feel the full experience.